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One of the biggest aspects of a wedding are the florals, and there are so many kinds, colors and styles for brides to choose from. This floral glossary shows an array of bouquet styles as well as the florals that were used to create them to help brides when choosing florals for their special day. Each bouquet has a unique feel and design, and the multitude of florals that were used will appeal to any bride’s wedding style.

These white and green bouquets from Bloom & Petal are perfect for the more traditional bride, or a bride that loves a more garden and gathered feel. The florals that make up these bouquets are full of rich, velvety textures such as the dusty miller in the white bouquet. The white hydrangea gives this bouquet a full look, and the mix of mini calla lilies and white tulips give it extra depth.

The mixture of the silver dollar and spiral eucalyptus give this green bouquet a fresh, spring feel. The mini green hydrangea and lemonade roses give this bouquet a softer, garden style; while the arrangement and different heights of the florals give this green bouquet a whimsical look. We love the rounded shape these two have and mixture of florals that were chosen for these lively bouquets.






This fun and exciting purple bouquet by Ricky Whitley Bridal Event Florist is perfect for the┬ábride that’s looking for a more contemporary feel. The varying shades of purple give this bouquet depth and an exciting, summery vibe. The fun purple tool shows off the bouquet in a unique way with a stylish twist. We love how creative and fashion-forward this bouquet is and the exciting array of florals chosen for it.









This exciting sunset bouquet by Dorothy McDaniel’s Flower Market is perfect for the bride who’s color scheme is bright and bold. The two-tone color of the free spirit roses gives this buoyant bouquet depth and varying shades of orange. We love how the smoketree was used in place of traditional greenery to tie the whole bouquet together.












This gorgeous red bouquet from RD Designs is full of exciting colors perfect for a festival fall or winter wedding. We love the traditional red roses and fun mix of brightly colored calla lilies. The safari sunset (leucadendron) and bottlebrush (callistemon) give this bold bouquet texture and depth. This bouquet’s dainty shape is perfect for a bride looking for a more traditional style bouquet with bolder colors.










This fun blue bouquet from Bloomwoods Weddings & Rentals is perfect for a bright spring or summer wedding. The shades of blue with the seeded and spiral eucalyptus give this exciting bouquet a straight from the garden feel. This is perfect for a bride looking to have an outdoor wedding or one with a greenhouse theme. We love how the array of blues flows so perfectly in this stunning and exciting bouquet.









The bright colors from this lively yellow bouquet are perfect for a bold bride with a luminous, summer wedding. HotHouse Design Studio’s bouquet has a bit of a twist on the traditional round bouquet shape. The oncidium orchid gives this round bouquet depth and astonishing elements. We love how the dusty miller’s texture gives this bouquet a unique twist on traditional greenery, and how the sunflowers make for a perfect focal point in this exquisite bouquet.










This exciting and bright pink bouquet from CeCe Designs is perfect for the bride who loves everything pink. We love the unique, horizontal shape of this bouquet. This distinct shape allows this bouquet to stand out, along with the multitude of different florals used. The peonies and snapdragon florals in this bouquet give it a classical charm, while the different types of ferns give an exciting twist on the traditional garden and gathered style.