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Scott and Scottie met back in their middle school years when Scottie moved to Alabama. That is to say, they knew of each other. Their first true “meeting” was on a date in college, which Scott had randomly suggested. Even that date in college did not go far… Scottie quickly said no to a second date and went her separate way. Over the next three years, Scott gently yet persistently kept in touch. But that all changed when they saw each other again at a wedding in September 2017. Something was different. They had coffee the next day and soon after began dating long distance. 11 months later, they were engaged. Then, in April 2019, they were married . They learned that the Lord’s timing is perfect and are so grateful to now share the same name… first AND last! Scott+ie

Wedding Gown- Sareh Nouri

Bridesmaid Gowns- Revelry

Floral Design / Decor- Shaina Nesemeier and Van & Michelle Johnson

Catering- Real & Rosemary

Cake- Cakes, Cookies & Sweet Creations

Wedding Planner- Scottie McKnight

Music / Entertainment- Act of Congress

Photographer- Liz Allison

Videographer- Taylor Hall

Invitations- Scottie McKnight

Registry- Amazon, Target & West Elm