Take your wedding to the Web

Think of any big event you’ve attended – a benefit for a cause, a university sporting event, or a corporate party. Availability of information is key to make these events successful. Your wedding is not much different than any of those same events. It may be on a smaller scale, but your guests will be much more comfortable if they have a central point of reference for all details of your wedding day. Sometimes it just doesn’t all fit on the invitation, and we all know things can change as the date gets closer. A wedding website is a tool that connects guests with all information, can be updated quickly and has never been easier to create with the help of Gretchen B. Photography!

Traces of Love by Gretchen B.Photography is offering the opportunity to have a beautiful, professional website for your wedding without any hassle. In fact, all you need to do is complete a questionnaire and attach a few images and she does the rest! You can have a website live and functional with 7-10 business days without any worry. Besides just sharing directions to all locations, hotel booking details, registry locations and the option to RSVP online, you can also share images of your wedding afterwards for two years. Renew your annual hosting contract to keep sharing the memories after the initial two years. Even better, you won’t have any pesky ads begging for your guests attention. From now through March 31, 2013, you can have a website created for only $325 (regular price is $450) with Traces of Love. Since seeing is believing, peruse this site created by Gretchen!

To get more information about creating a website with Traces of Love, callĀ 205.999.3531 or email gretchen@gretchenbphotography.com.