Instant Gratification – Same Day Edit

Christina & Phillip Same Day Edit from Main Street Productions on Vimeo.

We hope you all have recognized the value of an amazing videographer for your wedding day. If a photo says a thousand words, what all does a film of your nuptials say? Well, Main Steet Productions has started offering a new service – Same Day Edit. Basically, what that means for you is that not only will you have a full video to view after your wedding, but they will also have a shorter highlight reel ready to show your guests at the reception. This is a really exciting option that can enhance your guests’ experience and let you see the immediate benefits of investing in a videographer, such as the ones you can find our Resource Guide. Is this a special moment you want to include for your wedding day? Let us know. Better yet, give the fine folks at Main Street Productions a call and see how they can offer their services to you.

Other AWM advertisers you may recognize in the video include: AK Brides + KG Designs + Design Productions + Frank Carnaggio Photography