Inspiration Board: September

 For September, we were really gravitated to’s {corked hues} palette. This month is the transition from summer to autumn so the bright greens mixed with muted browns captured that perfectly. Once again, as we flipped through the 2012 issue we found particular images that collaborated with this color scheme perfectly and should start getting those noodle’s going out there. College football may rule the fall season in the South, but surely there are a few away games that make room for a wedding or two. If you see something you love, be sure to check our corresponding Pinterest board for this blog!

1. Stationery : Alan’s Invitations + Photography : Arden 

2. Floral Design : Norton’s Events + Linen : BBJ + Photography : Gretchen B

3. Event Design : Lillie’s + Lighting: Design Productions + Photography : Jerrod Brown Studios

4. Photography : Rob Ingram

5. Floral Design : KG Designs + Photography : Arden

6. Cake : Sweet Spot Confections + Event Design : Dana’s Floral Design + Venue : B&A Warehouse + Photography: Frank Carnaggio

7. Photography : Frank Carnaggio