First Annual Pew Decorating Competition at the Gardens

On Wednesday, September 19, the Birmingham Botanical Gardens hosted the First Annual Pew Decorating Competition. Floral designers, wedding planners and others of Birmingham’s finest wedding vendors put their skills to work, creating pew designs to accent the pews of . . .  you guessed it – P.E.W.S.! Standing for Purely Elegant Wedding Statements, P.E.W.S. is a new, local vendor offering outdoor pew seating for your wedding day. Get the look and feel of having your ceremony in your local church at any location you desire. Using one style of pews, they can seat up to 150 people, but you can also mix-and-match their various styles to seat up to 500 people. Add the designs seen from the competition and you’ve got one gorgeous outdoor wedding for the books. Take a look at what some of the competitors created using designated seasons as inspiration! Check out the PEWS Facebook page and cast your vote for your favorite design at:

1. Bloom + Rowell Meetings & Events – Autumn

2. Kathy G. & Co. + KG Designs – Autumn

3. Norton’s Florist – Autumn

4. Mr. Burch Formal Wear – Autumn

5. Hot House Design Studio – Autumn

6. M. Elizabeth Events + KG Designs – Summer

7. Lillie’s – Spring

8. Mariee Ami Wedding Planning – Spring (First place in season and overall at event.)

9. Lilie’s – Winter

10. Norton’s Florist – Spring

11. Each competitor got a teacup for visitors to grab a business card. We hope some brides found a perfect vendor for their wedding day!

12. No Birmingham Botanical Gardens event is complete without refreshments from Kathy G. & Co!