Bride By Design featuring Heidi Elnora Premieres on TLC!

In 2006, our publisher and editor-in-chief, Michelle Van Every, met with a bridal gown designer setting up her shop in the Birmingham area. Heidi Elnora had just completed filming for Project Runway and was ready to take the bridal industry by storm. The spark of energy and charisma that makes Heidi so “Heidi” instantly caught Michelle’s interest and began a partnership that continues to make us so happy and proud with every issue of AWM. Since then, Heidi and her team have been part of the magic that makes Alabama Weddings Magazine so special. She represents the true heart of a small business owner – she not only has the dream, but also has the determination and hard work to back it up. She has consistently pushed herself and her brand to be better every single day, taken challenges and turned them into blessings and made her mark in the industry on a national scale – right from her home in Birmingham, Alabama.

Now the world has turned its eye on Heidi Elnora to see that “it factor” that we’ve known she has for a long time. On Friday, March 27, Bride By Design makes it official debut on TLC at 9/8 pm central. Bride By Design follows Heidi Elnora as she helps brides design their dream wedding dress through all stages of creation—from inspiration to sketching to sewing to fitting to styling until their final dream dress is ready for their big day. Heidi helps each bride and her family design a dress that truly reflects their personality, whether choosing one from her existing collections—heidi elnora and hello darling—or through her Build-A-Bride trademark which is arguably the most customizable opportunity in the industry for a bride’s dress shopping experience. This alternative allows brides-to-be ownership in designing their dress, choosing a style from over 15 basic white dresses with more than 25 unique add-on pieces.

To see what makes Heidi’s Build-A Bride experience so incredible, check out this video by Holloway Productions:

To celebrate our time with Heidi leading to this moment, we took a look back at some of our shoots featuring Heidi’s creations to share just a handful of some of our favorite images from our 2007 issue to our 2015 issue currently on newsstands featuring a Heidi Elnora gown on the cover!

Frank Carnaggio Photography
Rhonda Garrett Gilliam Photography / Mark Broadway Photography
Frank Carnaggio Photography / Lance Lenoir Photography
Arden Photography
Rob & Wynter Photography

See the Sneak Peek of Bride By Design here and be sure to set your DVR to record the entire series every Friday this spring at 9/8 pm central!