BFW Bridal Atelier 2013

In February, Bromberg’s in downtown Birmingham opened its doors to host Birmingham Fashion Week‘s Bridal Atelier 2013. With plenty of natural light pouring into the second floor runway show, some of Alabama’s finest bridal and bridesmaid fashion boutiques presented designs to grab the attention of brides-to-be and their guests. Terry Bruno of Fotowerks Custom Photography came with us to snag photos of the models as they came down the runway and we’ve selected some of our favorite looks for those of you who couldn’t attend. We also were sure to keep an eye on looks to appear in our 2014 issue as well of course!

BFW Bella Bridesmaid

Bella Bridesmaid started the show with fun, bold colors and a few floral patterns. Their looks had an easiness to them that we highly encourage for your bridal party. Your bridesmaids should look elegant without having to be miserable all day. In the cobalt gown is Vi Vo, voted as the Face of Bridal Day for Birmingham Fashion Week!

BFW Ivory & White

Ivory & White Bridal Boutique’s dramatic gowns brought full, layered skirts with bodices that sported a touch a sparkle. When it comes to bridal bling, a little can go a long way. Too much beading and stoning quickly adds weight to a gown and can really be a drag during a long wedding day. When you try on a gown, remember it has to be worn for a long time unless you opt for a quick costume change before the party gets started.

Bella Couture continued the show with plenty of very Southern lace treatments, especially with shoulder details. This style gown is a much more fitting option for daytime weddings. If the term “a Pinterest-y wedding” is all that’s all your mind, this may be the way to go for your bridal gown.

BFW - Ivy & Aster

Special guest, Ivy & Aster, brought the unexpected styling of the day in both their bridesmaid and bridal looks. Their bridesmaids sported extremely fun “confetti” tights and the occasional shrug (which we loved!)

BFW - Ivy & Aster

Ivy & Aster’s bridal collection had edge. Pairing soft, femme gowns with leather jackets and metal collar chokers had our eyes wide open. For the full line-up, all the girls donned heart-shaped glasses that had us scrambling to find our own pairs the next day. The looks certainly reminded us that there with every bride there is always a girl with a multi-faceted personality. There’s nothing wrong with still being yourself on your wedding day. If you need to rock the leather jacket because that’s just you, then do it. Your wedding day should be yours and no one else’s.

We were so glad to be part of this year’s BFW Bridal Atelier and look forward to seeing a great crowd again next year. They’ll bring the gowns and we’ll bring the mags. All you have to do is save the date! Next year, Birmingham Fashion Week will be in April. Like BFW on Facebook to get the full schedule once it’s released. Thanks again to Terry Bruno of Fotowerks Custom Photography¬†for photographing these amazing fashions! Look for our next post on Heidi Elnora’s avant-garde preview show of Heavenly Days at Avondale Villa!