Styled Shoot: Sail Away With Me

We are so happy today to share some of the work of Handley Breaux Designs! Handley is one of the rising Birmingham wedding industry go-getters and embodies the true spirit of a young entrepreneur. When we were able to catch up with her at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens’ annual event Antiques at the Garden, we had to let her know about our open submissions for styled shoots! We knew she had some beautiful work to show and couldn’t wait to share.

We love this gorgeous nautical-garden fusion shoot captured by Eric + Jamie Photography for its sweet softness, touches of whimsy and plenty of glinting gold. Gold is really basking in its moment right now and we don’t mind a bit! Talented hair and makeup artist Kerri Bunn effortlessly steps into the role as model with fashion selections that push the boundary of bridal expectation. The table setting is pure romance with an abundance of candlelight, spilling florals and a true cherry on top per place setting of lovely china by Bromberg’s. The cake is a masterpiece of sugar work, with handmade flowers, berries and gilded adornments that are impossible to believe weren’t plucked right from the garden. Our compliments to the entire creative team!

AWM_HandleyBreaux_1 AWM_HandleyBreaux_2 AWM_HandleyBreaux_3 AWM_HandleyBreaux_4 AWM_HandleyBreaux_5  AWM_HandleyBreaux_6AWM_HandleyBreaux_7 AWM_HandleyBreaux_8 AWM_HandleyBreaux_9

“This maritime themed photo shoot is a collection of images that we hope ignites everyone’s ability to believe in the fairy tale,” said Handley. “On a day to day basis, I see so many wedding images and hear so many ideas. The idea for this shoot came to me one day when one of my girlfriends asked me simply, ‘If you were to have your dream wedding, what would it be?’ Thoughts of a huge antique sailboat and a flowing dress immediately flooded my mind, and this is how our beautiful photo shoot came to be. The day of the photo shoot came, and the forecast called for overcast skies and a high of forty degrees (burr!) In the end, the overcast sky played the perfect backdrop to the gown and the white sails.”

We couldn’t agree more!

AWM_HandleyBreaux_10 AWM_HandleyBreaux_11 AWM_HandleyBreaux_12 AWM_HandleyBreaux_13 AWM_HandleyBreaux_14 AWM_HandleyBreaux_15 AWM_HandleyBreaux_16 AWM_HandleyBreaux_17

Photography:Eric + Jamie Photography+ Styling & Event Design:Handley Breaux Designs + Gold Gown: Bella Bridesmaids Birmingham+ Jewelry + China Bromberg’s + Rentals Event Rentals Unlimited + Cake: Gia’s Cakes + Floral Design: Bushel + Peck + Wedding Dress:Catherine Ryals + Hair & Makeup, Model Kerri Burn + Stationery: Marked + Videography: Crooked Tree Productions + Props: West Elm

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Real Wedding: Reagan + Steven

Today’s Real Wedding comes to us from Liz Bacon of EB photography + artistry. Reagan and Steven tied the knot on July 18. 2015 at Holy Trinity Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Cathedral. From the moment we saw their photos, we were all smiles, and we are certain you’ll see why when catch yourself grinning ear to ear looking through these beautiful images. With a reception at the perfect place for rocking party, Iron City, this couple’s wedding had beautiful details with art deco influences. The stunning bridal bouquet by KG Designs is nothing short of floral perfection, complete with a handkerchief detail that we love.

_AWM_EBPhotography_1 _AWM_EBPhotography_2 _AWM_EBPhotography_3 _AWM_EBPhotography_4 _AWM_EBPhotography_5 _AWM_EBPhotography_6 _AWM_EBPhotography_7 _AWM_EBPhotography_9 _AWM_EBPhotography_10 _AWM_EBPhotography_11 _AWM_EBPhotography_12 _AWM_EBPhotography_113 _AWM_EBPhotography_14 _AWM_EBPhotography_15 _AWM_EBPhotography_16 _AWM_EBPhotography_17 _AWM_EBPhotography_18 _AWM_EBPhotography_19 _AWM_EBPhotography_20 _AWM_EBPhotography_21

When we asked Reagan about how she and Steven met, we got more than we may have bargained for! It’s truly one of those love stories of two people who were always meant for each other and finally got their “Happy Ever After.” Here is what Reagan shared with us:

“You know, Elene’s brother Steven is here too, he’s your age,” my mother said as we sat in our Gulf Shores condo. It was Spring Break of my Junior year in college and I had decided to come to the beach with my family to watch the Hoover softball team play in a regional tournament. Steven Weaver – the name rang a bell. Our families had been watching our sisters play softball since they were little. Steven went to Hoover High School. I knew of him, but didn’t know him. As I thought back on high school, I was reminded of one memory in particular.

It was Junior year and Homecoming week. My best friend, Amanda, had just been asked to the dance by a Sophomore clarinet player. Yep, Steven Weaver. Now being the creative and good friend that I am, I promptly began teasing her at band practice – She was a flute player and I a Buccanette. “STEVEN WEAVER…I BELIEVE YOU CAN GET ME THROUGH THE NIIIIIIGHT!” is what I sang loudly to the tune of ‘Dream Weaver.’ This rendition of the song was short lived, for Amanda broke up with Steven just days after Homecoming. I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.

Steven and I really never hung out in high school at Hoover, but after my mom mentioned he was in Gulf Shores to watch his sister play softball as well, I got excited. There was someone else in college to hang out with because sitting at the softball park alone gets boring! So one night, Steven, his mom and I went to The Pink Pony for some beers and Steven and I hit it off. My 10-year-old brother, Trey, had weirdly said, “I think y’all are gonna get married,” earlier  in the night and both of us just laughed. And just as I was thinking, “Man, he’s cute!” I overheard him mention something about a girlfriend back home to his mom. Sigh…Guess he’s taken.

Shortly after Spring Break I begin dating someone myself. The next time Steven and I connected was July 2011 when I was working at Timber Lake Camp in Shandaken, NY for the summer. I had just been dumped and my Nana had passed away. On one of my nights off, I was able to check Facebook, (we didn’t have cell service or regular internet access!) and there was a message from Steven Weaver. He sent his condolences regarding my grandmother’s passing and went on to see if I was interested in catching up. I mentioned I was moving to Seattle in the new year to pursue acting and he told me he was finishing up a degree in Accounting from Birmingham Southern. After a lengthy facebook conversation we planned to hang out in September when I got back South from NY.

I cannot tell you how nervous I was to be hanging out with Steven and to be going to his Fraternity house. Yes, our first date, a Theta Chi house party. My mother took me shopping for a new outfit for my “date” (even though countless times Steven stated it was NOT a date) and I nervously entered the Theta Chi house. The party was fun, Steven and I clicked like nothing I had ever experienced before. We spent the evening talking and I kept going back weekend after weekend to hang out with him.

Well, December arrived and I became nervous that being 3,000 miles apart would be too much strain on our relationship and it wouldn’t work out. Steven assured me that nothing could come between us. I will not lie, our long distance relationship has been tough, but it has opened my eyes to the fact that the most important thing in our relationship is to value the time we have with one another to the fullest. After countless flights, air miles, baggage claims, and tourist attractions I am blessed to have moved back to the South in September 2014 for the role of lifetime in my own story. And funny enough Steven proposed in the best way possible in such a long distance relationship, at baggage claim in the Birmingham airport at 1:30am after two flight delays. I married the love of my life, the man that brings out the best in me, and loves me with all my faults.

_AWM_EBPhotography_23 _AWM_EBPhotography_24 _AWM_EBPhotography_25 _AWM_EBPhotography_26 _AWM_EBPhotography_27 _AWM_EBPhotography_30 _AWM_EBPhotography_31 _AWM_EBPhotography_32 _AWM_EBPhotography_33 _AWM_EBPhotography_34

Photographer: EB photography  + artistry + Wedding Coordination: What A Whirl Events + Reception Venue, Catering: Iron City Birmingham + Floral Design and Decor:  KG Designs + Lighting Design: A.G. Lighting + Hair and Makeup:  MHD Beauty + Bridal & Bridal Party Gowns: Divine Design Formalwear + Groom and Groomsmen: Divine Design Formalwear + Cakes: Magic Muffins + Ceremony Venue: Holy Trinity Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Cathedral + Reception Band: Z and the Party Faktory + Honeymoon Destination: The Excellence Resort: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic Lodging Honeymoon Suite: The Tutwiler Hotel + Videographer: ProjectMedia

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Real Wedding: Courtney + Joel

Today’s gorgeous Real Wedding comes to us via Todd Helzer Photography. Joel & Courtney Hancock were wed last year on September 13 at the beautiful Moriah Bottoms in Woodstock, Ala. The couple’s distinct fashion style caught our eye immediately – not to mention how sweetly adorable they both are! The bridesmaid dresses are equally darling with an eclectic mix that match each girl’s own look. And nothing gets us happy quite like spotting Magic City Macarons! These darling treats are the perfect addition to any wedding with a tasty variety of flavors and customizations.  Congratulations Joel & Courtney on your recent one-year anniversary! AWM_ToddHelzer_1 AWM_ToddHelzer_2 AWM_ToddHelzer_3 AWM_ToddHelzer_4 AWM_ToddHelzer_v2AWM_ToddHelzer_6 AWM_ToddHelzer_7 AWM_ToddHelzer_8 AWM_ToddHelzer_9 AWM_ToddHelzer_10 AWM_ToddHelzer_11 AWM_ToddHelzer_12 AWM_ToddHelzer_13 AWM_ToddHelzer_14 AWM_ToddHelzer_16 AWM_ToddHelzer_17 AWM_ToddHelzer_18 AWM_ToddHelzer_19

Bridal Gown: Urban Outfitters + Bridal Belt: Ivory & White Bridal Boutique + Catering: Southern Charms Catering + Dessert: Magic City Macarons + Floral Design: Rebekah Fowler Creative + Groom & Groomsman Attire: River Island + Hair & Makeup: Emily Holmes + Music & Entertainment: Megan Byers & Justin Jackson + Photography: Todd Helzer Photography + Videography: David Lundgren + Stationary: Oak and Dream by Courtney Hancock + Venue: Moriah Bottoms + Décor: Southern Styled Events


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