Styled Shoot: Sail Away With Me

We are so happy today to share some of the work of Handley Breaux Designs! Handley is one of the rising Birmingham wedding industry go-getters and embodies the true spirit of a young entrepreneur. When we were able to catch up with her at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens’ annual event Antiques at the Garden, we had to let her know about our open submissions for styled shoots! We knew she had some beautiful work to show and couldn’t wait to share.

We love this gorgeous nautical-garden fusion shoot captured by Eric + Jamie Photography for its sweet softness, touches of whimsy and plenty of glinting gold. Gold is really basking in its moment right now and we don’t mind a bit! Talented hair and makeup artist Kerri Bunn effortlessly steps into the role as model with fashion selections that push the boundary of bridal expectation. The table setting is pure romance with an abundance of candlelight, spilling florals and a true cherry on top per place setting of lovely china by Bromberg’s. The cake is a masterpiece of sugar work, with handmade flowers, berries and gilded adornments that are impossible to believe weren’t plucked right from the garden. Our compliments to the entire creative team!

AWM_HandleyBreaux_1 AWM_HandleyBreaux_2 AWM_HandleyBreaux_3 AWM_HandleyBreaux_4 AWM_HandleyBreaux_5  AWM_HandleyBreaux_6AWM_HandleyBreaux_7 AWM_HandleyBreaux_8 AWM_HandleyBreaux_9

“This maritime themed photo shoot is a collection of images that we hope ignites everyone’s ability to believe in the fairy tale,” said Handley. “On a day to day basis, I see so many wedding images and hear so many ideas. The idea for this shoot came to me one day when one of my girlfriends asked me simply, ‘If you were to have your dream wedding, what would it be?’ Thoughts of a huge antique sailboat and a flowing dress immediately flooded my mind, and this is how our beautiful photo shoot came to be. The day of the photo shoot came, and the forecast called for overcast skies and a high of forty degrees (burr!) In the end, the overcast sky played the perfect backdrop to the gown and the white sails.”

We couldn’t agree more!

AWM_HandleyBreaux_10 AWM_HandleyBreaux_11 AWM_HandleyBreaux_12 AWM_HandleyBreaux_13 AWM_HandleyBreaux_14 AWM_HandleyBreaux_15 AWM_HandleyBreaux_16 AWM_HandleyBreaux_17

Photography:Eric + Jamie Photography+ Styling & Event Design:Handley Breaux Designs + Gold Gown: Bella Bridesmaids Birmingham+ Jewelry + China Bromberg’s + Rentals Event Rentals Unlimited + Cake: Gia’s Cakes + Floral Design: Bushel + Peck + Wedding Dress:Catherine Ryals + Hair & Makeup, Model Kerri Burn + Stationery: Marked + Videography: Crooked Tree Productions + Props: West Elm

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Real Wedding: Reagan + Steven

Today’s Real Wedding comes to us from Liz Bacon of EB photography + artistry. Reagan and Steven tied the knot on July 18. 2015 at Holy Trinity Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Cathedral. From the moment we saw their photos, we were all smiles, and we are certain you’ll see why when catch yourself grinning ear to ear looking through these beautiful images. With a reception at the perfect place for rocking party, Iron City, this couple’s wedding had beautiful details with art deco influences. The stunning bridal bouquet by KG Designs is nothing short of floral perfection, complete with a handkerchief detail that we love.

_AWM_EBPhotography_1 _AWM_EBPhotography_2 _AWM_EBPhotography_3 _AWM_EBPhotography_4 _AWM_EBPhotography_5 _AWM_EBPhotography_6 _AWM_EBPhotography_7 _AWM_EBPhotography_9 _AWM_EBPhotography_10 _AWM_EBPhotography_11 _AWM_EBPhotography_12 _AWM_EBPhotography_113 _AWM_EBPhotography_14 _AWM_EBPhotography_15 _AWM_EBPhotography_16 _AWM_EBPhotography_17 _AWM_EBPhotography_18 _AWM_EBPhotography_19 _AWM_EBPhotography_20 _AWM_EBPhotography_21

When we asked Reagan about how she and Steven met, we got more than we may have bargained for! It’s truly one of those love stories of two people who were always meant for each other and finally got their “Happy Ever After.” Here is what Reagan shared with us:

“You know, Elene’s brother Steven is here too, he’s your age,” my mother said as we sat in our Gulf Shores condo. It was Spring Break of my Junior year in college and I had decided to come to the beach with my family to watch the Hoover softball team play in a regional tournament. Steven Weaver – the name rang a bell. Our families had been watching our sisters play softball since they were little. Steven went to Hoover High School. I knew of him, but didn’t know him. As I thought back on high school, I was reminded of one memory in particular.

It was Junior year and Homecoming week. My best friend, Amanda, had just been asked to the dance by a Sophomore clarinet player. Yep, Steven Weaver. Now being the creative and good friend that I am, I promptly began teasing her at band practice – She was a flute player and I a Buccanette. “STEVEN WEAVER…I BELIEVE YOU CAN GET ME THROUGH THE NIIIIIIGHT!” is what I sang loudly to the tune of ‘Dream Weaver.’ This rendition of the song was short lived, for Amanda broke up with Steven just days after Homecoming. I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.

Steven and I really never hung out in high school at Hoover, but after my mom mentioned he was in Gulf Shores to watch his sister play softball as well, I got excited. There was someone else in college to hang out with because sitting at the softball park alone gets boring! So one night, Steven, his mom and I went to The Pink Pony for some beers and Steven and I hit it off. My 10-year-old brother, Trey, had weirdly said, “I think y’all are gonna get married,” earlier  in the night and both of us just laughed. And just as I was thinking, “Man, he’s cute!” I overheard him mention something about a girlfriend back home to his mom. Sigh…Guess he’s taken.

Shortly after Spring Break I begin dating someone myself. The next time Steven and I connected was July 2011 when I was working at Timber Lake Camp in Shandaken, NY for the summer. I had just been dumped and my Nana had passed away. On one of my nights off, I was able to check Facebook, (we didn’t have cell service or regular internet access!) and there was a message from Steven Weaver. He sent his condolences regarding my grandmother’s passing and went on to see if I was interested in catching up. I mentioned I was moving to Seattle in the new year to pursue acting and he told me he was finishing up a degree in Accounting from Birmingham Southern. After a lengthy facebook conversation we planned to hang out in September when I got back South from NY.

I cannot tell you how nervous I was to be hanging out with Steven and to be going to his Fraternity house. Yes, our first date, a Theta Chi house party. My mother took me shopping for a new outfit for my “date” (even though countless times Steven stated it was NOT a date) and I nervously entered the Theta Chi house. The party was fun, Steven and I clicked like nothing I had ever experienced before. We spent the evening talking and I kept going back weekend after weekend to hang out with him.

Well, December arrived and I became nervous that being 3,000 miles apart would be too much strain on our relationship and it wouldn’t work out. Steven assured me that nothing could come between us. I will not lie, our long distance relationship has been tough, but it has opened my eyes to the fact that the most important thing in our relationship is to value the time we have with one another to the fullest. After countless flights, air miles, baggage claims, and tourist attractions I am blessed to have moved back to the South in September 2014 for the role of lifetime in my own story. And funny enough Steven proposed in the best way possible in such a long distance relationship, at baggage claim in the Birmingham airport at 1:30am after two flight delays. I married the love of my life, the man that brings out the best in me, and loves me with all my faults.

_AWM_EBPhotography_23 _AWM_EBPhotography_24 _AWM_EBPhotography_25 _AWM_EBPhotography_26 _AWM_EBPhotography_27 _AWM_EBPhotography_30 _AWM_EBPhotography_31 _AWM_EBPhotography_32 _AWM_EBPhotography_33 _AWM_EBPhotography_34

Photographer: EB photography  + artistry + Wedding Coordination: What A Whirl Events + Reception Venue, Catering: Iron City Birmingham + Floral Design and Decor:  KG Designs + Lighting Design: A.G. Lighting + Hair and Makeup:  MHD Beauty + Bridal & Bridal Party Gowns: Divine Design Formalwear + Groom and Groomsmen: Divine Design Formalwear + Cakes: Magic Muffins + Ceremony Venue: Holy Trinity Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Cathedral + Reception Band: Z and the Party Faktory + Honeymoon Destination: The Excellence Resort: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic Lodging Honeymoon Suite: The Tutwiler Hotel + Videographer: ProjectMedia

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Real Wedding: Courtney + Joel

Today’s gorgeous Real Wedding comes to us via Todd Helzer Photography. Joel & Courtney Hancock were wed last year on September 13 at the beautiful Moriah Bottoms in Woodstock, Ala. The couple’s distinct fashion style caught our eye immediately – not to mention how sweetly adorable they both are! The bridesmaid dresses are equally darling with an eclectic mix that match each girl’s own look. And nothing gets us happy quite like spotting Magic City Macarons! These darling treats are the perfect addition to any wedding with a tasty variety of flavors and customizations.  Congratulations Joel & Courtney on your recent one-year anniversary! AWM_ToddHelzer_1 AWM_ToddHelzer_2 AWM_ToddHelzer_3 AWM_ToddHelzer_4 AWM_ToddHelzer_v2AWM_ToddHelzer_6 AWM_ToddHelzer_7 AWM_ToddHelzer_8 AWM_ToddHelzer_9 AWM_ToddHelzer_10 AWM_ToddHelzer_11 AWM_ToddHelzer_12 AWM_ToddHelzer_13 AWM_ToddHelzer_14 AWM_ToddHelzer_16 AWM_ToddHelzer_17 AWM_ToddHelzer_18 AWM_ToddHelzer_19

Bridal Gown: Urban Outfitters + Bridal Belt: Ivory & White Bridal Boutique + Catering: Southern Charms Catering + Dessert: Magic City Macarons + Floral Design: Rebekah Fowler Creative + Groom & Groomsman Attire: River Island + Hair & Makeup: Emily Holmes + Music & Entertainment: Megan Byers & Justin Jackson + Photography: Todd Helzer Photography + Videography: David Lundgren + Stationary: Oak and Dream by Courtney Hancock + Venue: Moriah Bottoms + Décor: Southern Styled Events


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Real Wedding: Nicole + Andy

Today’s Real Wedding submission comes to us from Natalie Elyse Photography. Nicole and Andy’s love story is a global affair straight out of a fairytale. Their images caught our eye first, but then their story captured our hearts. You never know where you may meet your soulmate!

“Well, to say that Andy & Nicole have quite the love story would be an understatement,” said Natalie Elyse. “In short, Andy saw Nicole crossing the street one day while he was in traveling through Alabama on an exchange program – he’s from Australia – and he immediately just knew he had to get to know her. He ended up asking a friend to find out who she was, and they went on their first date a few days before his exchange program ended and he had to return to Australia. They wrote letters back and forth from Australia to Alabama for several years until Andy decided to pack up his things and officially move to Birmingham to be near her.”

Oh be still our hearts!  On June 20, 2015, the couple tied the knot at the stunning Gabrella Manor, a venue that is a beautiful backdrop for any wedding. They chose Gabrella specifically for the worldly setting it would give for their guests.

“Since so many of Nicole & Andy’s family members came from out of the country to attend their wedding, they chose Gabrella Manor as their venue because of its Spanish Colonial architecture that they felt created a cultural feel to bring their guests from all over the world together in one place. And what a celebration it was! These two and their families and friends danced the night away and were so full of joy in their celebration of this new marriage. Seeing so many people from all over the world coming together in Birmingham was truly beautiful.”

Congrats to Mr. & Mrs. Keene! We hope your future together includes many more world travels and memories!

AWM_Blog_NatalieElyse_1 AWM_Blog_NatalieElyse_2 AWM_Blog_NatalieElyse_3 AWM_Blog_NatalieElyse_4 AWM_Blog_NatalieElyse_5 AWM_Blog_NatalieElyse_6 AWM_Blog_NatalieElyse_7 AWM_Blog_NatalieElyse_8 AWM_Blog_NatalieElyse_9 AWM_Blog_NatalieElyse_10 AWM_Blog_NatalieElyse_11 AWM_Blog_NatalieElyse_12 AWM_Blog_NatalieElyse_13 AWM_Blog_NatalieElyse_14 AWM_Blog_NatalieElyse_15 AWM_Blog_NatalieElyse_16 AWM_Blog_NatalieElyse_17 AWM_Blog_NatalieElyse_18 AWM_Blog_NatalieElyse_19

Venue, Floral Design & Catering: Gabrella Manor + Photography: Natalie Elyse Photography + Videography: Chris Adler + Wedding Dress: Bridal Bliss + Bridesmaid Dresses: Anthropologie + Groom’s Tuxedo: DKNY + Groomsmen Suits: Macy’s + Rings: Levy’s Fine Jewelry + Hair/Makeup: Bailey Doyle + Cake: Magnificent Cakes + Drinks: Avondale Brewery + Band: The Negotiators + Officiant: Jonathan Haefs

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AWM: Behind-The-Scenes

Ever wonder what all goes into an AWM inspirational photo shoot? It takes much more than just a little hard work to bring these concepts to life for each issue. Thanks to the beautiful work of Holloway Productions, we bring you an inside look at the building of these shoots. From the moment a designer is contacted to begin planning to the final product that inspires you, our AWM creative teams always dedicate 110%. Just wait until you see what they’ve been creating for our 15th Anniversary Issue!

See more from this shoot at The Oaks here.

See more from this shoot at Lake Martin here.


Brides Against Breast Cancer at The Harbert Center

This Sunday, August 9, The Harbert Center in downtown Birmingham will open it’s doors for one of the most special bridal events in the country. Brides Against Breast Cancer is an organization dedicated to raising funds to help provide FREE cancer-related programs to women, children, families and caregivers. Their Nationwide Tour of Gowns brings designer gowns at discounted prices directly to brides at local partnering venues. Gowns are donated by former brides and bridal shops that may be gently used or even samples. With a wide variety of styles, sizes and price ranges, any bride is sure to find something absolutely perfect for their big day with the help of local vendor volunteers. It’s a great event for a great cause that AWM is proud to partner with and we hope to see you there!


“The revenue generated by Brides Against Breast Cancer on our Nationwide Tour of Gowns charity bridal events, non-bridal networking events, and beneficiary events makes it possible to deliver these free educational information and support services to thousands of children and adults impacted by cancer across the country.
Health Support Network programs and services are available to anyone, anywhere through the resource called the Health Support Network Online. Health Support Network produces more than 150 cancer related online programs annually. These online programs include exercise, nutrition, meditation, education and caregiver support. The program content is supported by evidence based scientific research. Health Support Network has the expertise, experience and leadership positioned to deliver unmatched video content to an online network of affiliates.”



Styled Shoot: Nautical Dream

Alabama Weddings Magazine is known for its incredible styled shoots produced by some of Alabama’s best creative minds each year. Now we are so excited to begin sharing submitted styled shoots from across the state to continue inspiring brides throughout the year. Every so often, a group of talented vendors will come together with an idea that they want to create, get a game plan, and go make it happen. These styled shoots featured on the AWM Blog represent the fruition of their collaborations and we are always amazed to see what other vendors in the state are producing between crazy wedding schedules and their own personal lives.

The first styled shoot submission we are thrilled to be sharing today comes to us from Dragonfly Photography and a team of South Alabama wedding pros, including shoot coordinator and stylist, Weddings and Events by Jenna Laine.  “This styled wedding shoot took place along the deep blue waters of Orange Beach, located in South Alabama,” said Jenna. “The sugary white sands of Orange Beach are a popular location for Southern weddings, so with this shoot we wanted to inspire readers by creating a beautiful, classic beach wedding with an unexpected twist.”

We adore the abundance of texture in the floral designs and flowing gowns perfect for catching the winds off the ocean. The soft tones mixed with the navy nautical stripes gives that perfect balance of feminine and masculine elements. Every detail works together perfectly to elevate the look of a beach wedding to something extremely chic and glamourous without missing the relaxed feel that makes a wedding on the coast so special. All of this is an absolute dream with the lovely natural light streaming though the room. It has us ready to stop what we’re doing immediately and escape to the beach for a weekend!

AWM_NauticalStyledShoot_1 AWM_NauticalStyledShoot_3 AWM_NauticalStyledShoot_4 AWM_NauticalStyledShoot_5 AWM_NauticalStyledShoot_6 AWM_NauticalStyledShoot_7 AWM_NauticalStyledShoot_8 AWM_NauticalStyledShoot_9 AWM_NauticalStyledShoot_10 AWM_NauticalStyledShoot_11 AWM_NauticalStyledShoot_13 AWM_NauticalStyledShoot_14 AWM_NauticalStyledShoot_15 AWM_NauticalStyledShoot_16 AWM_NauticalStyledShoot_17 AWM_NauticalStyledShoot_18 AWM_NauticalStyledShoot_19

Venue: Turquoise Place in Orange Beach, Alabama + Coordinator and Stylist: Weddings and Events by Jenna Laine  + Photographer: Dragonfly Photography + Rental Company: SOHO Events and Rentals + Florist: Wildflowers Fairhope + Cake:  J.A.M. Cakery + Paper,Calligraphy: Southern Calligraphy + Gowns: Bella Bridesmaid, Mobile

Thank you again to Dragonfly Photography and the entire creative team that pulled together this gorgeous shoot! If you have a styled shoot you would like to submit to the AWM Blog, please see the details here.

Please note, all shoots that appear in the annual Alabama Weddings Magazine printed edition are created by AWM vendors for the magazine. Outside shoots are not accepted for features in print.


Real Wedding: Jason + Ingrid

Today’s Real Wedding submission comes to us from 205 Photography! Jason and Ingrid were all set to wed at The Sonnet House in Leeds, Ala. on March 21, 2015 when the ever-dreaded rain clouds came rolling in. But a little rain couldn’t bring down Ingrid’s spirits and this perfect venue selection made it possible for the day to continue as scheduled without worry. With a few umbrellas to catch any drizzle during the outdoor ceremony, all was well!

AWM: What advice would you give brides as they plan their wedding?”

Ingrid: “The only advice I have is to try to not get caught up in the small things. You will argue during the planning process – Jason was less than pleased when I drug him to a cake consult and spent over an hour describing the perfect shade of ivory. I am a perfectionist and spent over 1 1/2 years planning the wedding, so I was more shocked than anyone when I didn’t care it started raining on our wedding day. All that mattered to me was that I was finally getting to marry Jason and all our friends, family, and beloved dog Duke got to celebrate with us.”

AWM_ingrid_1 AWM_Ingrid_2 AWM_Ingrid_3 AWM_Ingrid_4 AWM_Ingrid_5 AWM_Ingrid_6 AWM_Ingrid_7 AWM_Ingrid_8 AWM_Ingrid_9 AWM_Ingrid_10

One of our favorite parts of this wedding is that Ingrid actually discovered her wedding dress from an AWM photo shoot  that appeared in our 2014 issue!

“I already had my heart set on The Sonnet House so it was pretty amazing to fall in love with a dress that you all styled at my venue,” said Ingrid. “Jason and I started dating freshman year of college in 2004, so I was ‘lucky’ to have had so much time to think about our wedding day. I think it can often be overwhelming with all the Pinterest pages and ideas being thrown out, so you really have to know what you and your fiancé’s style is before diving too deep. We are definitely more classic and traditional.”

AWM_Ingrid_11 AWM_Ingrid_12 AWM_Ingrid_13 AWM_Ingrid_14 AWM_Ingrid_15 AWM_Ingrid_16 AWM_Ingrid_17 AWM_Ingrid_18 AWM_Ingrid_19 AWM_Ingrid_20 AWM_Ingrid_21 AWM_Ingrid_22 AWM_Ingrid_23

We love this wedding because it reminds us to not let a little storm cloud or the other small details rain on your parade. At the end of the day, you are marrying the person you love and are surrounded by the people that care about you the most. Congratulations Jason and Ingrid!

If you have a wedding you would like featured on the AWM Blog, see our Open Submissions page!

Venue: The Sonnet House + Photographer: 205 Photography + Cakes: Barb’s Cakes + Wedding Dress: Bella Couture – Justin Alexander + Tuxedos: Mr. Burch Formal Wear + Caterer:                 The Happy Catering Company + Hair/Makeup: Melissa Moore Bogardus + Florist: Corey Daniels – The Sonnet House + Reception Music: D’Zyre – Music Garden + Ceremony Music:    Jennifer Louie Violinist



Real Wedding: Lindsay + Ben

Perusing images from beautiful weddings just makes us smile every time, and it could not be more true than for this wonderful submission from The Happy Bloom! Lindsay and Ben were wed at First Baptist Church in Eufala on March 21, 2015. The smiles and laughter we shared as we sorted images for this feature were absolutely contagious, only stifled by tender moments that took our breath away. We are so fortunate to constantly be reminded why we love what we do as we share stories of love across Alabama. This couple absolutely beams with happiness while dressed impeccably for a traditional Southern affair. Lindsay’s bridal party captures perfectly the way bridesmaid dresses can be completely different but fit into one gorgeous palette for a cohesive look, while Ben’s groomsmen are a testament to men adding a pair of suspenders to their tuxedo checklist. We are just over the moon for this couple and wish them well as they begin their life together!

awm_happybloom_1 awm_thehappybloom_3 awm_thehappybloom_4 awm_thehappybloom_5 awm_thehappybloom_8 awm_thehappybloom_6 awm_thehappybloom_7 awm_thehappybloom_9 awm_thehappybloom_10 awm_thehappybloom_11 awm_thehappybloom_12 awm_thehappybloom_13 awm_thehappybloom_14 awm_thehappybloom_15 awm_thehappybloom_16 awm_thehappybloom_17 awm_thehappybloom_18 awm_thehappybloom_19 awm_thehappybloom_20 awm_thehappybloom_21 awm_thehappybloom_23 awm_thehappybloom_24 awm_thehappybloom_25 awm_thehappybloom_26 awm_thehappybloom_27 awm_thehappybloom_28 awm_thehappybloom_29 awm_thehappybloom_30 awm_thehappybloom_31 awm_thehappybloom_32 awm_thehappybloom_33 awm_thehappybloom_34 awm_thehappybloom_35 awm_thehappybloom_36

Photography: The Happy Bloom + Ceremony Venue: First Baptist Church, Eufala + Reception Venue: Shorter Mansion + Bridal Gown: Ivory & White Bridal Boutique + Florist: Michelle Beaty + Videographer: Focal Point Video & Editing + Reception Music: Az Izz – Music Garden + Rentals: Panache Tent + Event Rentals + Catering: Pans + Petals Catering + Cake: Renee Beaty


Real Wedding: Caitlin + Sean

Today we are looking back at this gorgeous wintry affair submitted by  Sweet Julep Photography. Caitlin and Sean were wed at American Village on Jan. 9, 2015 with a beautiful ceremony in the chapel and reception in the barn. We love American Village for its picturesque moments across the entire venue. Kayci and Brittany with Sweet Julep Photographer asked Caitlin about the big day.

SJP: “Tell us about the proposal!”
Caitlin: “The proposal was perfect! It was a family trip and Sean had told me that his family had not taken family pictures since he was really young so he wanted to go to the lighthouse in Hilton Head and take some. The day beforehand, his dad had bought me a pretty sun dress ‘for pictures’ and Sean told me to get all dolled up because I would be in the pictures too. Sean set up a day at the nail salon for us to prep for pictures. Little did I know that while I was upstairs getting ready, he was downstairs practicing getting down on one knee. Around sunset, Sean and I climbed to the top of the lighthouse and he asked me to spend the rest of our lives together and I couldn’t have been more elated than I was in that moment!”


awm_handlan_0awm_handlan_1 awm_handlan_2 awm_handlan_3 awm_handlan_4 awm_handlan_5 awm_handlan_6 awm_handlan_7 awm_handlan_8

SJP: “What is your favorite memory from your day?”
Caitlin: “My absolute favorite memory from the day was getting to see Sean for the first time. Our relationship is very much like best friends so just being around him made the whirlwind of the day disappear instantly!”

SJP: “Tell us about the vision and style you had in mind for your wedding.”
Caitlin: “For our wedding I wanted the style to be very inviting! I loved the soft color palette and our ‘do it all girl’ Leigh Anne White could not have been more perfect! Along the way she was able to portray exactly what we wanted even I wasn’t sure how to express my opinion! I relied on Pinterest and magazines for a lot of my inspiration, then sent pictures to Leigh Anne and she made it our own!”

awm_handlan_10 awm_handlan_11 awm_handlan_12 awm_handlan_13 awm_handlan_14 awm_handlan_15 awm_handlan_16 awm_handlan_17 awm_handlan_18 awm_handlan_19 awm_handlan_20 awm_handlan_21 awm_handlan_22 awm_handlan_24 awm_handlan_25 awm_handlan_26 awm_handlan_27

SJP: “What was the best decision you made during your planning process?”
Caitlin: “I think the decision that influenced our day the most was the location and date. The American Village gave both Sean and I the butterflies as we toured it! It has everything we wanted – the chapel, the barn, seperate suites to get ready and the people really made the day all about you! The American Village was perfect!!”

Congratulations to Caitlin and Sean! If you have a wedding you would like featured on the AWM Blog, see all the details here.

Photography: Sweet Julep Photography + Venue: The American Village + Bridal Gown: Anya Bridal + Bridesmaid Gowns: Bella Couture + Groom’s Attire: Mr. Burch Formal Wear + Hair and Makeup: Abby C Moorer + Floral and Planning: Leigh Anne White + Cake: Pen and Pastry + Catering: The Happy Catering Co. + DJ: Feel the Beat Entertainment


Real Wedding: Shelly + John

We are just giddy today to share Shelly and John’s Mobile, Ala. nuptials submitted to us by the absolutely terrific Leslie Davis of Freshly Bold Photography! What instantly caught our eye about this wedding was the lovely blue tone of the fashion for the bridesmaids, groom and groomsmen. A coastal wedding in the South requires a splash of color and we just love these gowns and suits. Shelly is classic, radiant bride with a smile that is contagious. Even as we’re posting this, we can’t help but smile still when we see her images. Congrats to Shelly and John!!

awm_freshlybold2_1 awm_freshlybold2_2 awm_freshlybold2_3 awm_freshlybold2_4 awm_freshlybold2_5 awm_freshlybold2_6 awm_freshlybold2_7 awm_freshlybold2_8 awm_freshlybold2_9 awm_freshlybold2_10 awm_freshlybold2_11 awm_freshlybold2_12 awm_freshlybold2_13 awm_freshlybold2_14

Photography: Freshly Bold Photography + Hair & Makeup: Donna Love – Posh Salon – Dothan, Alabama + Bridal Gown: I Do Bridal + Floral Design: Zimlich Florist + Catering: Southern Flavor + Cake: Flour Girls Bakery + Band: No Plain Jane + Chair Rental: Port City Rental + Venue: Centre for Living Arts


Bride By Design featuring Heidi Elnora Premieres on TLC!

In 2006, our publisher and editor-in-chief, Michelle Van Every, met with a bridal gown designer setting up her shop in the Birmingham area. Heidi Elnora had just completed filming for Project Runway and was ready to take the bridal industry by storm. The spark of energy and charisma that makes Heidi so “Heidi” instantly caught Michelle’s interest and began a partnership that continues to make us so happy and proud with every issue of AWM. Since then, Heidi and her team have been part of the magic that makes Alabama Weddings Magazine so special. She represents the true heart of a small business owner – she not only has the dream, but also has the determination and hard work to back it up. She has consistently pushed herself and her brand to be better every single day, taken challenges and turned them into blessings and made her mark in the industry on a national scale – right from her home in Birmingham, Alabama.

Now the world has turned its eye on Heidi Elnora to see that “it factor” that we’ve known she has for a long time. On Friday, March 27, Bride By Design makes it official debut on TLC at 9/8 pm central. Bride By Design follows Heidi Elnora as she helps brides design their dream wedding dress through all stages of creation—from inspiration to sketching to sewing to fitting to styling until their final dream dress is ready for their big day. Heidi helps each bride and her family design a dress that truly reflects their personality, whether choosing one from her existing collections—heidi elnora and hello darling—or through her Build-A-Bride trademark which is arguably the most customizable opportunity in the industry for a bride’s dress shopping experience. This alternative allows brides-to-be ownership in designing their dress, choosing a style from over 15 basic white dresses with more than 25 unique add-on pieces.

To see what makes Heidi’s Build-A Bride experience so incredible, check out this video by Holloway Productions:

To celebrate our time with Heidi leading to this moment, we took a look back at some of our shoots featuring Heidi’s creations to share just a handful of some of our favorite images from our 2007 issue to our 2015 issue currently on newsstands featuring a Heidi Elnora gown on the cover!

Frank Carnaggio Photography
Rhonda Garrett Gilliam Photography / Mark Broadway Photography
Frank Carnaggio Photography / Lance Lenoir Photography
Arden Photography
Rob & Wynter Photography

See the Sneak Peek of Bride By Design here and be sure to set your DVR to record the entire series every Friday this spring at 9/8 pm central!


Real Wedding: Mary Christin and John

Today’s Real Wedding submission comes to us from Heather Durham Photography. Mary Christin and John had a perfectly intimate wedding for just family members in November at Mountain Chapel. We love small weddings like this that focus on the meaning of the day.  The best part is that the couple had time together for beautiful golden light photos to be made at Aldridge Gardens after the ceremony. The fall colors create a beautiful natural backdrop for stunning images that instantly caught our eye. We love this simply chic Nicole Miller dress paired with an elegant headband for a refined bohemian look. Of course, even for an intimate wedding like this you must have at least a two-tier cake – one for sharing with guests and one for the one-year anniversary. Some wedding traditions can be broken, but we encourage sticking to any rules that mean more cake – especially when it’s from Olexa’s! Congrats Mary Christin and John!

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Photography: Heather Durham Photography + Cake: Olexa’s + Ceremony: Mountain Chapel + Coordinator: Amanda Foster + Bridal Gown Designer:Nicole Miller+ Makeup Artist: Laura Eason + Hair Salon: Angie Baker of Fringe +  Floral Design: Bride’s family


Real Wedding: Kelli + Tom

We are just thrilled to share today’s Real Wedding from Dragonfly Photography. On one of our daily (more like hourly really) scrolls through Instagram, we came across Kelli and Tom’s wedding cake via Cakes By Kim. We had a pretty good feeling this would be a gorgeous feature to share on the AWM blog and we were absolutely right! This NYE celebration at B&A Warehouse has just the right amount of sparkle and glamour to start the New Year right and the couple absolutely radiates with joy. Miranda of Dragonfly Photography had this to say about working with this couple:

“Kelli and Tom are two of the sweetest people that I have ever met. Kelli was actually a bridesmaid at another client’s wedding in Orange Beach, and Tom proposed to her soon thereafter. I was so thrilled when they asked me to photograph their big NYE celebration!! Everything was decorated with gold, black and cream with extra sparkle!”

And who doesn’t love extra sparkle?! Congratulations Kelli and Tom!

awm_mcconnell_1 awm_mcconnell_2 awm_mcconnell_3 awm_mcconnell_4 awm_mcconnell_5 awm_mcconnell_6 awm_mcconnell_7 awm_mcconnell_8 awm_mcconnell_9 awm_mcconnell_10 awm_mcconnell_11 awm_mcconnell_13 awm_mcconnell_14 awm_mcconnell_16 awm_mcconnell_17 awm_mcconnell_18 awm_mcconnell_21

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Photography: Dragonfly Photography by Miranda Venue, Catering: B&A Warehouse + Floral Design: Jenn Wilks, Main Street Florist + Wedding Gown: The Something Blue Shoppe + Bridesmaid Gowns: Adrianna Papell – Bella Bridesmaid + Cake: Cakes by Kim + Hair & Makeup: Emily Summervile


Real Wedding: Abbi + Brent

Today’s gorgeous Real Wedding submission comes to us from Wes Roberts Photography. Abbi and Brent Kohn tied the knot last year on April 12, 2014, at the fabulous Wynfield Estate in Montgomery. We’ve had the pleasure of shooting one of our Signature Style Series shoots for the 2012 issue of AWM at this venue and it is truly breathtaking. Although the fashion, the design and the couple are all just beautiful, the most perfect part of this wedding is the thoughtfulness of incorporating sentimental details throughout the entire day. Abbi gives us an inside look at how tradition and nostalgia made their wedding so special to them:

“On April 12, 2014, a fairy tale was brought to life! We had so much fun all day long; we couldn’t stop smiling. The Wynfield Estate couldn’t have been a more perfect venue to watch our dream wedding unfold before us. The weather was beautiful, the flowers were stunning, and the food was delicious. We had a fun-filled time dancing the night away with all of our friends and family to Tim Tyler and his dueling pianos. We were honored to share this special day with so many family and friends. We had several sentimental elements entwined throughout our ceremony. The ring bearer’s pillow was hand made from my grandmother’s sixty year old wedding gown. My bouquet was wrapped with lace from my mother’s wedding veil. We drank champagne from the same glasses that my parents used on their wedding day thirty-four years ago. I wore my mother in law’s garter, and sewn into her garter was blue yarn taken from my childhood blanket. The mother of the groom’s bouquet was adorned with a silver locket that held a picture of her late husband; they shared 29 years of marriage. The flower girl’s baskets were filled with dried flower petals that I had been given by the groom throughout our ten year courtship. We strived to make our perfect day a classic look, with touches of nostalgia that have enriched our memories, and brought us together to share a life. It was a magical day that will be forever etched in our hearts.”

No matter what look or feel you want for you wedding, tying in those special details makes your wedding uniquely you. It represents the heart of a relationship that begins long before your walk down the aisle and the future you will share together after your honeymoon. Congratulations to Abbi and Brent!

Photography: Wes Roberts Photography + Venue: Wynfield Estate + Catering: A Catered Affair + Floral Design: Southern Wedding Design + Music: Tim Tyler and the Dueling Pianos + Cake Artist: Cake Design + Rentals: Brendle Rentals


Brides Against Breast Cancer in Birmingham

Looking to find your perfect wedding dress? Make plans to attend the Brides Against Breast Cancer charity trunk sale at the Hyatt Regency Birmingham – The Wynfrey Hotel on Sunday, March 8! This wonderful event brings a collection of donated designer gowns for brides to peruse and the proceeds help fund cancer-related programs that are free for children, adults, families and caregivers. It’s a terrific opportunity to share just even more love with your journey to your wedding day. While being part of this charitable event, you will also have the chance to meet with some of Birmingham’s wedding industry professionals and enter for a chance to win prizes and giveaways.


Admission to the event is $5 per person. Gowns in sizes 4-18 will be available with price ranges of $99 to $3,900. Interest-free layaway plans are also available. Take your gown home that day, accompanied with the warm, fuzzy feeling of helping those in the fight against breast cancer. Of course, every bride will receive a free copy of Alabama Weddings Magazine too! Mark your calendars for this Sunday, March 8, to be part of the Brides Against Breast Cancer cause!



Real Wedding: Emma + Anthony

Today’s real wedding submission comes to us via the ladies of Invision Events. Emma and Anthony were wed at Holy Trinity Episcopal in Auburn on March 1, 2014. We absolutely adore the light airiness of this gorgeous wedding day. The pastel color palette and simple yet striking details just make us smile. Emma’s tea length dress with pink petticoats is already so perfect, but the addition of tiffany blue shoes and Anthony’s matching bow tie just complete the look. Then just to add that extra “swoon factor,” check out the fantastic cake topper hand drawn to replicate each detail of the couple’s  attire. Courtney Wolf, one of the planners behind Invision Events, had this to add about the big day:

“Emma and Anthony’s spring wedding is chock full of so much prettiness and Emma did so much herself, as this was a budget soiree,” said Wolf. “We are completely, I mean completely, in love with them as a couple and their wedding. They have an amazing story, too! Emma, a mid-wife for women from countries in crisis, and Anthony met in Africa. They now live in Washington DC. And Emma’s dress is a vintage 50s one-of-a-kind. Emma really wanted a very simple and vintage-inspired day. Their wedding was less than 100 guests and she wanted to use the sweet and quaint setting the Holy Trinity has to create a vintage garden party feel. Being a couple that travels a lot, coming back to Auburn and to Holy Trinity where Emma had grown up was an easy choice for them. Everything about their day was done to give their day a personal feel.”

awm_invisionevents_1 awm_invisionevents_2 awm_invisionevents_3 awm_invisionevents_4 awm_invisionevents_5 awm_invisionevents_6 awm_invisionevents_7 awm_invisionevents_8 awm_invisionevents_9 awm_invisionevents_10 awm_invisionevents_11 awm_invisionevents_12 awm_invisionevents_13 awm_invisionevents_14 awm_invisionevents_15 awm_invisionevents_16 awm_invisionevents_17 awm_invisionevents_18 awm_invisionevents_19 awm_invisionevents_20 awm_invisionevents_21 awm_invisionevents_22 awm_invisionevents_23 awm_invisionevents_24 awm_invisionevents_25 awm_invisionevents_26 awm_invisionevents_27 awm_invisionevents_28
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Planner: Invision Events
Photographer: Tiffany Hughes
Venue: Holy Trinity Episcopal
Florals: Stanley Sistrunk with The Flower Store
Catering: Sprayberry BBQ
Cake: Sonshine Cakes
Vintage Decor: Rum and Roses
Rentals: Special Arrangements
Paper: Minted and Rifle Paper Company


Real Wedding: Angie + Michael

Today’s Open Submission comes to us from J. Woodbery Photography. Michael and Angie Bridell celebrated their nuptials in true Mardi Gras style at Sloss Furnaces in Birmingham on May 17, 2014. From the colors of the wedding party attire, the masks worn by all and a second line ceremony recessional, this wedding was all about letting the good times roll. Carnivale season is a favorite time of year for the couple, so they wanted to share that with their guests. We share in Michael and Angie’s appreciation for the Southern tradition of Mardi Gras and love seeing it incorporated into their wedding day. Congratulations to Angie and Michael as they celebrate their first anniversary in just a few months and, “Laissez bon temps rouler!”
awm_mardigras_1 awm_mardigras_2 awm_mardigras_3 awm_mardigras_4 awm_mardigras_5 awm_mardigras_6 awm_mardigras_7 awm_mardigras_8 awm_mardigras_9 awm_mardigras_10 awm_mardigras_11 awm_mardigras_12 awm_mardigras_14 awm_mardigras_15 awm_mardigras_16 awm_mardigras_17 awm_mardigras_18 awm_mardigras_19
If you have a wedding you would like featured on the AWM Blog, see our Open Submissions page!
Photography:  J. Woodbery Photography + Venue: Sloss Furnaces + Wedding Planner: Elle Weddings + Florist: Nelda Shiftlett + Invitations: Invitatii Couture + Bridal Gown: David’s Bridal + Groom’s Attire: Jos. A Bank + Cake: Sharonda and Sharanda’s Custom Cakes + Catering: Cajun Steamers + DJ: Mixmaster DJ Crazy A


The Big Fake Wedding – Birmingham

On September 25, 2014, The Big Fake Wedding (formerly known as The NotWedding) brought together the talents of several local wedding professionals to create a bridal event that brings the full wedding experience to attendees.

About The Big Fake Wedding:

“Complete with dinner and drinks, an emotional vow-renewal ceremony and a dance-party reception, The Big Fake Wedding has become a killer alternative to a bridal show. The hand-selected vendors perform their services as they would at a real wedding, and the ‘wedding guests’ get to hear the music, taste the cakes, and smell the flowers… while enjoying a night of great food, dancing and surprises, leaving brides-and-grooms-to-be saying ‘I want my wedding to be just like that!'”

Each event features a real married couple that renews their vows during the ceremony, supporting The Big Fake Wedding’s value of strong marriages. This event’s couple was Nedra and Jeremy, an adorable couple that are also behind the wonderful organization She Dances, which provides holistic restoration for young girls that have been sexually trafficked in Honduras.

Take a peek inside the big event, which was styled around the concept of marble swirls for a truly unique design combining the interpretations of all vendors involved. Photos courtesy of: Benzaia PhotographyMagen Davis Photography, and A Still Breath Photography.

awm_bigfakewedding14_1 awm_bigfakewedding14_2 awm_bigfakewedding14_3 awm_bigfakewedding14_4 awm_bigfakewedding14_5 awm_bigfakewedding14_6 awm_bigfakewedding14_7 awm_bigfakewedding14_8 awm_bigfakewedding14_9 awm_bigfakewedding14_10 awm_bigfakewedding14_11 awm_bigfakewedding14_12 awm_bigfakewedding14_13 awm_bigfakewedding14_14 awm_bigfakewedding14_15 awm_bigfakewedding14_16 awm_bigfakewedding14_17 awm_bigfakewedding14_18 awm_bigfakewedding14_19 awm_bigfakewedding14_20 awm_bigfakewedding14_21 awm_bigfakewedding14_22 awm_bigfakewedding14_23 awm_bigfakewedding14_24 awm_bigfakewedding14_25 awm_bigfakewedding14_26 awm_bigfakewedding14_27 awm_bigfakewedding14_28 awm_bigfakewedding14_29 awm_bigfakewedding14_30 awm_bigfakewedding14_31 awm_bigfakewedding14_32 awm_bigfakewedding14_33 awm_bigfakewedding14_35 awm_bigfakewedding14_36 awm_bigfakewedding14_37 awm_bigfakewedding14_38 awm_bigfakewedding14_39 awm_bigfakewedding14_40 awm_bigfakewedding14_41 awm_bigfakewedding14_43 awm_bigfakewedding14_44 awm_bigfakewedding14_45 awm_bigfakewedding14_46

To see the next Big Fake Wedding happening nearest you, visit their RSVP List!

Venue: The Avon Theater | Catering: Cantina On Wheels | Bar: The Bar Hops | Photography + Save the Date Shoot: Benzaia Photography | Photography + Styled Shoot: Magen Davis Photography | Photography + Rehearsal Dinner: A Still Breath Photography | Day-Of Coordination, Floral + Event Design (Head Table + Tables 3, 6, 9, 12): I Do I Do! Wedding Planning | Floral + Event Design (Bridal Party Flowers + Tables 2, 5, 8, 11): Spade and Annual | Floral + Event Design (Lounge Space + Tables 1, 4, 7, 10): PropHouse Birmingham | Stationery (Invitations + Programs): Deliver Paper Studio | Stationery (Invitations + Menus/Menu Cards): Amberly Shelton Paperie | Wedding Dress: Ivory & White | Bridesmaids Attire: Southern Bridesmaids | Groomsmen Attire: Menguin, Inc. | Hair: Morgan Ashley Salon | Makeup: PurPowder | Health + Lifestyle: Skinny Wrap With Jill | Accessories: Ex Voto Vintage Jewelry | Favors + Bags: The Robin & The Well | Entertainment: The Wedding Production Professionals by Chief Entertainment | Photobooth: Snaps Photo Booth | Wedding Cake: Cakes by Kim | Dessert Bar: Baking Bandits | Dessert Bar: Cakes by Kim | Desserts: 80 POPS! | Hotel Sponsor: Courtyard by Marriott and Residence Inn Hotels | Vintage Car Service: Coats Classic Cars | Wedding Website Builder: Squarespace | National Travel Vendor: Bliss by Luxury Concierge Travel | National Linen Vendor: LinenTablecloth| National Sparkling Wine Sponsor: Ferrari