Instant Gratification – Same Day Edit

Christina & Phillip Same Day Edit from Main Street Productions on Vimeo.

We hope you all have recognized the value of an amazing videographer for your wedding day. If a photo says a thousand words, what all does a film of your nuptials say? Well, Main Steet Productions has started offering a new service – Same Day Edit. Basically, what that means for you is that not only will you have a full video to view after your wedding, but they will also have a shorter highlight reel ready to show your guests at the reception. This is a really exciting option that can enhance your guests’ experience and let you see the immediate benefits of investing in a videographer, such as the ones you can find our Resource Guide. Is this a special moment you want to include for your wedding day? Let us know. Better yet, give the fine folks at Main Street Productions a call and see how they can offer their services to you.

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Top 5 Pinnable Ideas

We know you’ve all busy planning your weddings according to your Pinterest boards. It’s just the new way of doing things and we agree that it’s an amazing tool. The only problem is that there is such a thing as too many pins. There, we said it. At some point you start to lose your favorite ideas in the jumble of all the pins that you “just kinda liked” and “thought were sorta neat.” So we’ve made ourselves a short list. We took just our top five ideas from the board “Ideas We Love!” When it is time to start making some definite choices with your vendors, we recommend taking a moment to narrow down your likes into just your absolute favorites as well so that you don’t get lost in every single idea that could possibly find its way into the overall vision for your wedding day. The ideas we’ve shared would be great to mention to your wedding planner so that they can coordinate these special details with your vendors. If you haven’t located the perfect planner, we have some of the best of the best in our Resource Guide.

1. From the Tips of Your Toes: This one melted our hearts right away. The groom shares a special note with the bride on the bottom of her shoes she will be wearing down the aisle. Pin It

2. Polaroid Guest Book: Does anyone ever go back to read every entry in a guest book? This is a chance for your guests to have a little fun and once you have these put in a scrap book, you’ll have even more fun remembering all the people who shared that day with you. Pin It

3. Your Spidey-Sense is Tingling: A wedding is about a union of two people, so you may not want to have a separate bridal cake and groom’s cake. Instead, surprise the groom with a special nod to him in the one, grand cake. From the front, it will be picture perfect, but the back will hide a special detail. Pin It

4. All That Sparkles: This is a rising trend that we know you’ve got to love. But how do they do it? The couple just stands still while two friends do the sparkler work during a long-exposure photo.Your photographer may have experience with this type of shot and know exactly how to capture it. Pin It

5. Something Remembered : There are times when not everyone special in your life can be with you when you need them most. Remember them with a photo pinned to your bouquet so they can help walk you down the aisle. Pin It


Something for the Kids

Both the little girl tossing handfuls of flowers and a young ring bearer are sweet reminders that we were all that innocent once. That’s why it’s important not to forget to gift these procession leaders! Sure, it’s simple to get your bridal party or groomsmen gifts because you usually know them so well! But what about children? We may not want to admit it, but sometimes we’re not as in tune with our inner child as much as we might think. That’s why we’ve found some of our favorites to share.

1. Oh, is it time for tea already? Don’t you remember setting up Mr. Bear and Mrs. Rabbit for some mid-afternoon tea and crumpets? Well, now your flower girl can make memories of her own with her very own tea set from Pottery Barn Kids. (Starting at $19)

2. If your flower girl is a bit older to appreciate jewelry, then perhaps a necklace with a charm is the perfect gift of gratitude. For something a little more unusual, Bromberg’s offers these monogrammed, pewter cuff bracelets. You can have the personalized monograms finished in four different styles. ($25)

3. While the actual photographer is snapping away, why not give the little man some of the action? The Fisher-Price Kid Tough Digital Camera is “a real digital camera that’s tough enough to stand up to the ways kids play and the places they go.” This camera won’t take photos quite up to par with our photographers, but everyone has to get their start somewhere, right? (Approximately $40)

 4. These aren’t your old wooden block cars. Automoblox are totally revamped looks from the Pinewood Derby cars you may recall and are ready for action. What’ll keep your ring bearer’s attention is that he can take it apart and build a care that is totally his own. (Starting at $30.)

Article by: Intern Sheyda Mehrara from Auburn University