Bouts To Boot

A bridal bouquet is a chance for the ladies to pick and choose from a plethora of textures and colors of flowers to compliment her personality and beauty as she steps down the aisle. A groom’s boutonniere, however, is usually just an afterthought of the bouquet that gets pinned on a lapel because it’s expected. Fritts Rosenow Bespoke Boutonnieres creates custom bouts that can interject a bit of the groom’s personality into the festivities. They can reflect favorites pastimes, personal style or even little quirks that make him the guy with whom you fell in love. This is a great opportunity to surprise your man on the wedding day and remind him that the day is about him as well. You can also take these examples as inspiration to talk to your floral designer about the possibilities for a custom groom’s bout. Check out the floral designers in our Resource Guide if you haven’t nailed down someone with the right flower power for you.

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Congratulations Gia’s Cakes!

We are so excited to share the news that Gia’s Cakes has officially opened the doors to it’s very own bakery boutique in Birmingham. Our web editor, David, was at her opening celebration on Sunday, May 10, to share in the excitement and a few fabulous truffles. We are so pleased that part of our family has taken the next big step to making a name in the Alabama wedding industry.

You absolutely must take a moment of your day to indulge in one of Gia’s decadent treats  as soon as possible. You can find Gia’s Cakes Bakery Boutique at 73 Church Street, Birmingham, Ala. 35213 or like them on Facebook. Again, congratulations Gia and your new team. We can’t wait to come again!


Top 5 Favorable Favors

It’s all too common  – Brides spend too much time and money on the perfect favors, but when  the couple drives into the sunset, their parents are left to gather all the favors left by guests in the excitement of the moment. To ensure your friends and family won’t cross the threshold without favor in hand, we’ve compiled a list of some of our most favorable favors for your big day.

1. Personalized Mini Jelly Jars: It’s a simple and truly Southern gift perfect for the entire family with emphasis on the personalization. Let the flavor and presentation truly represent you. Photo credit: J. Messer Photography

2. Personal Champagne Bottles: Why let the party stop when you make you big exit? Let your guests be able to have their own special moment once you’ve had yours with a pop of the cork. Of course, encourage enjoyable, but responsible drinking first and foremost. Photo credit: Dorie Lynn Photography

3. Hangover Kits: This is a “must-have” for those indulging in an open bar at their event. Don’t let your guests’ last memory of your wonderful night be a major headache in the morning. Photo credit: Brian Phillips

4. Planted Succulents: Another truly Southern-inspired gift, this favor is perfect for your guests to take home and plant something to remember your union. Don’t worry though, succulents are extremely resilient so even the least green-thumbed of your guests should’t be able to let it die too quickly. Photo Credit: Madalina Lesan

5. Late-Night Snack: Okay, so this is definitely an example of saving the best for last. Your guests may not be so quick to grab a trinket before hitting the road, but there is no way they will pass on a taco or sandwich for the road if you have a convenient food truck parked outside or any sampling of your favorite after-hours faire. Photo Credit: Armosa Studios

This list could really go on and on, but these are some ideas we truly love. Let us know what favors you’re planning for your guests!


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Raise your hands if you’re obsessed with Pinterest! We’ve got all hands in the air and we’re sure you do too. How many times have you seen the perfect cake or dress, only to later forget exactly where you saw it? Now your boards on Pinterest keep everything tucked in place to make sure all the details you want for you big day don’t get forgotten in the whirlwind of the planning process. At Alabama Weddings Magazine, we want to be part of your Pinterest perusing by creating boards featuring the talents of our fabulous advertisers that you see in the magazine as well as other pins we think represent true Alabama style. Won’t you come pin with us? AlWeddingsMag Pinterest

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