Inspiration Board: November 2012

 Yes, our blogging hiatus is over for 2012. That means the 2013 issue is on the verge of completion! A few more stamps of approval and a trip to the printer and our twelfth issue of Alabama Weddings Magazine will be shipping! We can’t wait for you to see all the bridal goodness we’ve packed into every page. In the meantime, we’re back with another inspiration board pulled from our 2012 issue. We love design-seed’s honey tones for its warm sweetness that combines colors perfect for Alabama on the tipping point between autumn and winter. As always, you can repin any of the images you see from the AWM Pinterest.

1. Stationery & Wedding Planner: Mariee Ami + Photography: Steven DeVries

2. Cake: Sweet Spot Confections + Venue: B & A Warehouse + Photography: Frank Carnaggio Photography

3. Table Setting: Bromberg’s + Floral Design: KG Designs + Wedding Planner: M. Elizabeth Events + Photography: Jerrod Brown Studios.

4. Linen: BBJ Linen + Event Design: J. Ross, Norton’s Weddings & Events + Photography: Gretchen B Photography

5. Bridal Gown: Ivory & White Bridal Boutique + Groom’s Attire: Mr. Burch Formal Wear + Photography: Marsha Perry Photography

6. Lighting: Design Productions + Venue: The Zone


Inspiration Board: October

For October, our inspiration board focuses on our newly released winter cover for the 2012 issue, which corresponded fabulously with’s succulent garden palette. The key to keeping this color scheme perfect for fall (and not totally spring) is to let some of your greens fall more in the mossy, earthy tones. The pop of lavender looks great not only in floral details, but also for a bridesmaid gown or signature cocktail. If you see anything that just screams at you, let us know by commenting or you can tack on any of these images straight to your Pinterest board. We’ve set up our own board with every image from this post here so pin to your heart’s content!

1. 2012 Winter Cover – Signature Style Series: AG Lighting + Photography: Arden Photography

2. Bridal Gown: Ivory & White Boutique + Bridesmaid Gowns: Bella Bridesmaid + Floral Design: Uncut Flowers + Photography: Arden Photography

3. Floral Design: Hot House Design Studio + Photography: j. messer photography

4. Bridal Gown:  Ivory & White Boutique + Photography: Arden Photography

5. Signature Cocktail: B&A Warehouse  + Barware: Bromberg’s + Floral Design: Lillie’s  + Photography: Arden Photography

6. Table Setting: Bromberg’s + Linen: BBJ + Photography: Marsha Perry Photography

7. Cake: Cakes by Audrey + Photography: Amari Photography

8. Floral Design: KG Designs + Photography: Scottie Jones Photography


First Annual Pew Decorating Competition at the Gardens

On Wednesday, September 19, the Birmingham Botanical Gardens hosted the First Annual Pew Decorating Competition. Floral designers, wedding planners and others of Birmingham’s finest wedding vendors put their skills to work, creating pew designs to accent the pews of . . .  you guessed it – P.E.W.S.! Standing for Purely Elegant Wedding Statements, P.E.W.S. is a new, local vendor offering outdoor pew seating for your wedding day. Get the look and feel of having your ceremony in your local church at any location you desire. Using one style of pews, they can seat up to 150 people, but you can also mix-and-match their various styles to seat up to 500 people. Add the designs seen from the competition and you’ve got one gorgeous outdoor wedding for the books. Take a look at what some of the competitors created using designated seasons as inspiration! Check out the PEWS Facebook page and cast your vote for your favorite design at:

1. Bloom + Rowell Meetings & Events – Autumn

2. Kathy G. & Co. + KG Designs – Autumn

3. Norton’s Florist – Autumn

4. Mr. Burch Formal Wear – Autumn

5. Hot House Design Studio – Autumn

6. M. Elizabeth Events + KG Designs – Summer

7. Lillie’s – Spring

8. Mariee Ami Wedding Planning – Spring (First place in season and overall at event.)

9. Lilie’s – Winter

10. Norton’s Florist – Spring

11. Each competitor got a teacup for visitors to grab a business card. We hope some brides found a perfect vendor for their wedding day!

12. No Birmingham Botanical Gardens event is complete without refreshments from Kathy G. & Co!


Inspiration Board: September

 For September, we were really gravitated to’s {corked hues} palette. This month is the transition from summer to autumn so the bright greens mixed with muted browns captured that perfectly. Once again, as we flipped through the 2012 issue we found particular images that collaborated with this color scheme perfectly and should start getting those noodle’s going out there. College football may rule the fall season in the South, but surely there are a few away games that make room for a wedding or two. If you see something you love, be sure to check our corresponding Pinterest board for this blog!

1. Stationery : Alan’s Invitations + Photography : Arden 

2. Floral Design : Norton’s Events + Linen : BBJ + Photography : Gretchen B

3. Event Design : Lillie’s + Lighting: Design Productions + Photography : Jerrod Brown Studios

4. Photography : Rob Ingram

5. Floral Design : KG Designs + Photography : Arden

6. Cake : Sweet Spot Confections + Event Design : Dana’s Floral Design + Venue : B&A Warehouse + Photography: Frank Carnaggio

7. Photography : Frank Carnaggio


Stay in honeymoon bliss while abroad

You’ve spent months planning the rehearsal dinner, the bridal tea, the wedding and the reception. When it’s time to get away for the honeymoon, you don’t want to be caught off guard when you travel overseas. This is your time to sit back, relax and cherish the time with your newlywed. Your weather app might say it will be sunny and clear the whole week in Greece, but why leave it to chance? And what if husband eats that special dish while in Mexico that just doesn’t sit well later? It’s important to make sure you pack what you need and while staying within your 50 pound check-in limit when it comes time to leave. Here’s a simple list of what to make sure you pack besides the usual suspects or you can Pin your list if you’re a little more visual.

1. Passport + airline ticket – If you have never applied for a passport, make sure you do at least two months in advance since it takes four to six weeks for it to be processed (costs jump steeply if you need expedited processing.) If you do have a passport already, make sure to check the expiration date. Nothing would be more devastating than getting to security check and then being turned away from paradise!

2. Rain jacket + umbrella – Even if the 10-day forecast shows nothing but sunshine, having these two travel essentials makes certain a little rain won’t ruin your plans! Add a trench coat to your packing list to stay chic while it rains.

3. Camera – Don’t solely rely on your phone to capture all your precious moments! Back up is necessary when you don’t want to miss a moment on this once in a lifetime trip.

4. Adaptors – Remember that every country doesn’t use the same outlets that the U.S. does. Save yourself the trouble and buy an adaptor so you can still use all your appliances (hairdryer, laptop, phone chargers, etc.) while traveling.

5. Swim suit – Whether the resort you two are staying at has a pool/hot tub or your husband suggests a quick trip to the beach, packing a yellow polka dot bikini never hurt anyone.

6. Medication & supplements – This includes any over-the-counter medication like Advil, antihistamines and antacids or any medication that you take regularly. Don’t make the mistake of assuming a drug store near you will carry what you need.

7. Guidebook – When you’ve only got a week, you want to make sure you don’t miss out on anything. Skim a guidebook to get ideas of daily to-do’s!

8. Credit card and/or currency- It’s actually better to use your credit card because the rates of exchange will be less than if you actual changed currency, not to mention it’s more convenient.

9. X-Large sealable bags – It makes packing more efficient. If your bag is searched at customs, it makes repacking easy as pie and it’s the easiest way to stow a week’s worth of laundry!

10.  Comfortable pair of shoes- This may be last on our list, but in no way is it least important. Most people think you have to sacrifice comfort for style when there are plenty of chic shoes that don’t cause you to wince after a few hours. Personally, we vote Tory Burch!

Be sure to check our Honeymoon Packing List on Pinterest!

Article submitted by: Sheyda Mehrara, Auburn University


The Gardens Cafe by Kathy G. & Co for B’ham Restaurant Week

Birmingham Restaurant Week is in full swing and a busy production schedule for the 2013 issue of AWM means we need food. We were thrilled to find The Gardens Cafe by Kathy G. and Co. on the list of participating list of Birmingham’s culinary gems. What that means for you is that from August 21 – 24 between 11 -2, you can venture out to the Birmingham Botanical Gardens to have a perfectly light and fresh lunch presented by the Kathy G and Co team for only $10 for an entree and dessert. Here’s your choices:

Pan Roasted Parmesan Crusted Boneless Chicken Breast over Creamy Polenta & Sautéed Baby Green Beans w/ Lemon Caper Picatta Sauce
-or –
Tomato Pie – Vine Ripe Tomatoes, Caramelized Onion, Fresh Basil, Feta & Parmesan Cheese Baked in a Pie Shell served w/ a Mixed Green Salad

For dessert, everyone gets the lemon sorbet with fresh berries and mint. All that is for only $10, but remember that doesn’t cover your choice of drink, tax and tip (and the service is wonderful of course.) I had the chicken breast and I was absolutely delighted. Make sure you save room to savor the sorbet as well. It is so perfectly tangy, yet sweet and perfect with this wonderful weather we’re enjoying. If you’re somehow feeling a little full afterwards, you’re in the perfect spot to take a little jaunt through the gardens. Take a moment to really enjoy that wonderful amenity of Birmingham.

This is a great opportunity for a mother and daughter to have a lunch date and consider the possibility of hosting a bridal shower/luncheon or possibly even your wedding if the space accomodates  your needs. You get to sample the food, service and atmosphere and will have enjoyed the perfect little lunch if you decide it’s not exactly the right fit. Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or the comments below if you make it there for Birmingham Restaurant Week!


Inspiration Board: August

If you’ve been pinning with us, you may have noticed our Color Ways board. It is dedicated solely to the endless color palettes that can inspire your wedding. We particularly love’s combinations, created by Jessica. This particular palette, “Dried Hues” was a perfect match for our Fall 2012 cover. Starting there, we collected images from various shoots throughout the 2012 issue to illustrate how these palettes can inspire an entire wedding.

1. Bridal Gown: The White Room + Hair/Makeup: Misty Smith + Photography: j. messer photography

2. Stationery: Alan’s Invitations + Photography: Arden Photography

3. Boutonniere: Norton’s Weddings & Events + Photography: Amari Photography

4. Floral Design: KG Designs + Lighting Design: Design Productions + Photography: Marsha Perry Photogrpahy

5. Catering: B&A Warehouse + Floral Design: Dana’s Floral Design + Photography: Frank Carnaggio Photography

6. Catering: Kathy G. & Co. +  Photography: Marsha Perry Photography

7. Cake: Sweet Spot Confectons + Photography: Arden Photography


Instant Gratification – Same Day Edit

Christina & Phillip Same Day Edit from Main Street Productions on Vimeo.

We hope you all have recognized the value of an amazing videographer for your wedding day. If a photo says a thousand words, what all does a film of your nuptials say? Well, Main Steet Productions has started offering a new service – Same Day Edit. Basically, what that means for you is that not only will you have a full video to view after your wedding, but they will also have a shorter highlight reel ready to show your guests at the reception. This is a really exciting option that can enhance your guests’ experience and let you see the immediate benefits of investing in a videographer, such as the ones you can find our Resource Guide. Is this a special moment you want to include for your wedding day? Let us know. Better yet, give the fine folks at Main Street Productions a call and see how they can offer their services to you.

Other AWM advertisers you may recognize in the video include: AK Brides + KG Designs + Design Productions + Frank Carnaggio Photography


Top 5 Pinnable Ideas

We know you’ve all busy planning your weddings according to your Pinterest boards. It’s just the new way of doing things and we agree that it’s an amazing tool. The only problem is that there is such a thing as too many pins. There, we said it. At some point you start to lose your favorite ideas in the jumble of all the pins that you “just kinda liked” and “thought were sorta neat.” So we’ve made ourselves a short list. We took just our top five ideas from the board “Ideas We Love!” When it is time to start making some definite choices with your vendors, we recommend taking a moment to narrow down your likes into just your absolute favorites as well so that you don’t get lost in every single idea that could possibly find its way into the overall vision for your wedding day. The ideas we’ve shared would be great to mention to your wedding planner so that they can coordinate these special details with your vendors. If you haven’t located the perfect planner, we have some of the best of the best in our Resource Guide.

1. From the Tips of Your Toes: This one melted our hearts right away. The groom shares a special note with the bride on the bottom of her shoes she will be wearing down the aisle. Pin It

2. Polaroid Guest Book: Does anyone ever go back to read every entry in a guest book? This is a chance for your guests to have a little fun and once you have these put in a scrap book, you’ll have even more fun remembering all the people who shared that day with you. Pin It

3. Your Spidey-Sense is Tingling: A wedding is about a union of two people, so you may not want to have a separate bridal cake and groom’s cake. Instead, surprise the groom with a special nod to him in the one, grand cake. From the front, it will be picture perfect, but the back will hide a special detail. Pin It

4. All That Sparkles: This is a rising trend that we know you’ve got to love. But how do they do it? The couple just stands still while two friends do the sparkler work during a long-exposure photo.Your photographer may have experience with this type of shot and know exactly how to capture it. Pin It

5. Something Remembered : There are times when not everyone special in your life can be with you when you need them most. Remember them with a photo pinned to your bouquet so they can help walk you down the aisle. Pin It


Something for the Kids

Both the little girl tossing handfuls of flowers and a young ring bearer are sweet reminders that we were all that innocent once. That’s why it’s important not to forget to gift these procession leaders! Sure, it’s simple to get your bridal party or groomsmen gifts because you usually know them so well! But what about children? We may not want to admit it, but sometimes we’re not as in tune with our inner child as much as we might think. That’s why we’ve found some of our favorites to share.

1. Oh, is it time for tea already? Don’t you remember setting up Mr. Bear and Mrs. Rabbit for some mid-afternoon tea and crumpets? Well, now your flower girl can make memories of her own with her very own tea set from Pottery Barn Kids. (Starting at $19)

2. If your flower girl is a bit older to appreciate jewelry, then perhaps a necklace with a charm is the perfect gift of gratitude. For something a little more unusual, Bromberg’s offers these monogrammed, pewter cuff bracelets. You can have the personalized monograms finished in four different styles. ($25)

3. While the actual photographer is snapping away, why not give the little man some of the action? The Fisher-Price Kid Tough Digital Camera is “a real digital camera that’s tough enough to stand up to the ways kids play and the places they go.” This camera won’t take photos quite up to par with our photographers, but everyone has to get their start somewhere, right? (Approximately $40)

 4. These aren’t your old wooden block cars. Automoblox are totally revamped looks from the Pinewood Derby cars you may recall and are ready for action. What’ll keep your ring bearer’s attention is that he can take it apart and build a care that is totally his own. (Starting at $30.)

Article by: Intern Sheyda Mehrara from Auburn University


Bouts To Boot

A bridal bouquet is a chance for the ladies to pick and choose from a plethora of textures and colors of flowers to compliment her personality and beauty as she steps down the aisle. A groom’s boutonniere, however, is usually just an afterthought of the bouquet that gets pinned on a lapel because it’s expected. Fritts Rosenow Bespoke Boutonnieres creates custom bouts that can interject a bit of the groom’s personality into the festivities. They can reflect favorites pastimes, personal style or even little quirks that make him the guy with whom you fell in love. This is a great opportunity to surprise your man on the wedding day and remind him that the day is about him as well. You can also take these examples as inspiration to talk to your floral designer about the possibilities for a custom groom’s bout. Check out the floral designers in our Resource Guide if you haven’t nailed down someone with the right flower power for you.

Photo credit:


Congratulations Gia’s Cakes!

We are so excited to share the news that Gia’s Cakes has officially opened the doors to it’s very own bakery boutique in Birmingham. Our web editor, David, was at her opening celebration on Sunday, May 10, to share in the excitement and a few fabulous truffles. We are so pleased that part of our family has taken the next big step to making a name in the Alabama wedding industry.

You absolutely must take a moment of your day to indulge in one of Gia’s decadent treats  as soon as possible. You can find Gia’s Cakes Bakery Boutique at 73 Church Street, Birmingham, Ala. 35213 or like them on Facebook. Again, congratulations Gia and your new team. We can’t wait to come again!


Top 5 Favorable Favors

It’s all too common  – Brides spend too much time and money on the perfect favors, but when  the couple drives into the sunset, their parents are left to gather all the favors left by guests in the excitement of the moment. To ensure your friends and family won’t cross the threshold without favor in hand, we’ve compiled a list of some of our most favorable favors for your big day.

1. Personalized Mini Jelly Jars: It’s a simple and truly Southern gift perfect for the entire family with emphasis on the personalization. Let the flavor and presentation truly represent you. Photo credit: J. Messer Photography

2. Personal Champagne Bottles: Why let the party stop when you make you big exit? Let your guests be able to have their own special moment once you’ve had yours with a pop of the cork. Of course, encourage enjoyable, but responsible drinking first and foremost. Photo credit: Dorie Lynn Photography

3. Hangover Kits: This is a “must-have” for those indulging in an open bar at their event. Don’t let your guests’ last memory of your wonderful night be a major headache in the morning. Photo credit: Brian Phillips

4. Planted Succulents: Another truly Southern-inspired gift, this favor is perfect for your guests to take home and plant something to remember your union. Don’t worry though, succulents are extremely resilient so even the least green-thumbed of your guests should’t be able to let it die too quickly. Photo Credit: Madalina Lesan

5. Late-Night Snack: Okay, so this is definitely an example of saving the best for last. Your guests may not be so quick to grab a trinket before hitting the road, but there is no way they will pass on a taco or sandwich for the road if you have a convenient food truck parked outside or any sampling of your favorite after-hours faire. Photo Credit: Armosa Studios

This list could really go on and on, but these are some ideas we truly love. Let us know what favors you’re planning for your guests!


Pin With Us!

Raise your hands if you’re obsessed with Pinterest! We’ve got all hands in the air and we’re sure you do too. How many times have you seen the perfect cake or dress, only to later forget exactly where you saw it? Now your boards on Pinterest keep everything tucked in place to make sure all the details you want for you big day don’t get forgotten in the whirlwind of the planning process. At Alabama Weddings Magazine, we want to be part of your Pinterest perusing by creating boards featuring the talents of our fabulous advertisers that you see in the magazine as well as other pins we think represent true Alabama style. Won’t you come pin with us? AlWeddingsMag Pinterest

On new website also offers a feature on all images from our inspiration galleries, Real Weddings and Signature Style Series for you to instantly share things you love, including the ability to Pin our images directly from the website. Don’t hesitate to jump over there right now and start getting a little Pin-crazy. We won’t tell if you don’t. And share a link to your boards so we can see what inspires you!


Who’s getting married? Let us know!

Last time we asked you why Charlotte of Sex and the City got so upset by her photo in the Sunday Times in Season 6. You may recall it was because an ink spot created what appeared to be a mustache on her face on the announcement of her wedding that seemed to make all the wrong turns. While we are sure your wedding will only be tears of joy and not disappointment, information about your wedding announcement is part of what we want to share with you today.

As another new feature for our Brides-To-Be, you can now make your wedding announcement to all of Alabama with us! For just $75, you can include one photo and up to 100 words on our Announcements page for 90 days to make sure everyone hears the good news. Once youʼve tied the knot, you can showcase your nuptials by purchasing a spot in our Online Real Weddings for $175, which includes up to 15 photographs in a personal gallery and your proposal story. For more information about your wedding announcement or Online Real Weddings, contact me at

Alabama Weddings Magazine - Announcement

My teachers, and probably yours as well, always said that if I brought a snack, I had to bring enough for the whole class. As part of the added features to our site, we have a little something for advertisers as well. If youʼre looking to reach future brides in the market, we have new opportunities for advertising on our website. Whether or not you advertise in our printed publication, you can purchase sidebar ad space on a quarterly basis and choose from three different sizes for what is appropriate for you. If youʼre looking for more prominent real estate, we also have our “Featured Vendor” spotlight directly under the banner on the home page, which includes one photo and a brief summary. I wonʼt get into the nitty-gritty here, but you can download our media kit here for the facts and figures.

Weʼre also offering the opportunity for open submissions of real weddings to be featured on this blog. You donʼt even necessarily have to be an advertiser to submit. Click here to find out more about this process. We canʼt guarantee that all submissions will be chosen, but we do want to see exceptional weddings that reflect true AWM style and be able to share them.

Part of our mission for this magazine is to keep brides connected with advertisers that have the know-how to pull off any theme or idea and these options create opportunities for that connection.


Welcome to our new site!

Something borrowed, something blue. Something old, something new.

Launching the new design of the AWM website is something that has been an exciting challenge for us that weʼre pleased to be able to now share with you. Perusing the different pages, you will notice that we tried to revisit every aspect of the site make all content more accessible and beautiful.


Alabama Weddings Magazine - Old AWM Website

For those of you seeking something to get your noodle going, you can now search through our Real Weddings based on categories such as colors and styles to find what instantly speaks to your needs. Our inspiration galleries have been revamped with even more photos from our current issue as well as from our past ones. Best of all, our Resource Guide now has more information about our advertisers that make it all happen as well an image gallery for an extra taste of the services they provide. With these changes, weʼve made it even easier for you to get in contact with the right person to make your wedding dreams happen.


Alabama Weddings Magazine - New AWM Website

Keep an eye out this week as we continue to unfold all the new features of this site. To give you a hint as to our next post, can you remember why Charlotte of Sex and the City got so upset by her photo in the Sunday Times in Season 6?

Thank you to Lance Ingram of Ingram Image for all the hours and talent you dedicated to our new site design. We love it!


Set sail with our Summer 2012 cover

As we continue on a note of change, we are excited about the new Summer 2012 cover that has been hitting shelves. It may just be May, but a new cover signifies a change in the air. Plans are being made for burying toes in the sand and soaking up some sun and that is exactly what this cover reflects. A group of our talented advertisers hit the road to put together the details for this portion of our Signature Style Series on the Gulf coast at Beachside Romar in Orange Beach, Alabama. You can find even more about this year’s “fun-in-the-sun” in our SSS Gallery. Feel free to share with your friends and followers, “pin” your favorite image or even grab your favorite frozen beverage to really get in the spirit!

Alabama Weddings Magazine - AWM Summer 2012 Issue
Alabama Weddings Magazine - AWM Summer 2012 Issue
Alabama Weddings Magazine - AWM Summer 2012 Issue
Alabama Weddings Magazine - AWM Summer 2012 Issue
Alabama Weddings Magazine - AWM Summer 2012 Issue
Alabama Weddings Magazine - AWM Summer 2012 Issue
Alabama Weddings Magazine - AWM Summer 2012 Issue
Alabama Weddings Magazine - AWM Summer 2012 Issue
Alabama Weddings Magazine - AWM Summer 2012 Issue

Bridal Gown: The White Room

Bride Model: Mariam Campbell

Cake: Pastry Art Bake Shoppe

Floral & Event Design: Christopher Confero Design

Groom’s Attire: Saks Fifth Avenue

Groom Model: Josh Grant

Guest Condo: Enclave – Kaiser Realty

Hair & Makeup: Carla Baumann Rheuby

Lighting Design: A.G. Lighting & Production

Linen: BBJ Linen

Photography: Rob Ingram Photography